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We are the leading international health insurance and service provider for digital nomads, expats, and globally mobile people. Our health plans derive from decades of experience with customers and staff from all over the world.

We provide first-class cover with comprehensive medical assistance and high value-added services crafted to meet individual and group needs. Our staff and our clients share the same mindset; they are all outside their country of origin’s life script but want to feel at home and safe wherever they decide to be. Meet our team!

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Freedom of provider

Full freedom of choice of healthcare provider in all countries, with unlimited access to teleconsultation and Second Medical Opinion.

No overall limit

Lifetime cover without any general limit and different level of coverage for each insured person, depending on specific needs.

No advanced payment needed for hospitalisation

We take care of paying hospital bills directly without you needing to pay upfront.

Pandemic ready

Unlimited teleconsultations in three languages, and coverage of all viral and pandemic diseases (if not declared positive at the time of subscription).

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huge benefits

We create our products based on feedback from thousands of clients and expats. This gives you the opportunity to benefit from plans that are perfectly suited to your needs.


Essential is the right choice if you require medical assistance or treatment in case of illness or emergency.


Special is the best choice if you require comprehensive coverage and seek peace of mind in any situation.


Our plan dedicated to you if you are looking for best-in-class coverage. Our most comprehensive health insurance plan.

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Whether you are moving abroad alone or with your family, we will make sure you are all properly covered. Whether you travel for leisure, work, studies, or for starting out a new life abroad, we will have your back, either for short-term mission or long-term expatriation.

Foyer Global Health offers a comprehensive range of international health insurance plans designed for all world citizens! 😊

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A global player for expat health insurance

Foyer Global Health is the leading international health insurance and service provider for globally mobile people, expats and digital nomads. We are backed by Luxembourg’s #1 insurer, Foyer Group. Our health plans are tailored to the needs of individuals and groups around the world. We provide first-class coverage with comprehensive medical assistance and value-added health care services.

Expatriate stories

We are always happy when our customers share some of their moments with us 💕
Your experience abroad and your feedback are all very valuable to us as they enable us to continuously improve our insurance products!
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Hochleitner Family

“It feels good to have the right partner!” Hochleitner Family in ChinaShortly after our arrival in China, our little daughter complained of extreme abdominal pain. We headed directly to the hospital, […]

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My name is Philip, I am an expat in China and I have been insured with Foyer Global Health for the past 4 years.My adventure in China has started many years ago. I moved here in 2015 with a MNC for wh […]

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Chantal is an expat living in Rwanda that used the Second Opinion service. She shares her valuable feedback in an interview. Hello Chantal,Thank you for accepting this interview. Your testimonial is v […]

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Frequently Asked Questions by our expatriate customers

We are sharing our answer to some of the most common questions about international health insurance we have heard over the years from expatriates, clients and business partners. Should you have any further questions then please contact us or visit our Expat FAQ.

  • What is a first euro health insurance?

    Foyer Global Health insurance is one of these private health insurance at the first euro, what does this term mean? Quite simply, we reimburse your health expenses from the first euro spent, if you opt for a contract with no deductible. This is a time saving and simple solution for expatriates who have only one direct contact for their reimbursement request.

  • What are the benefits of an international health insurance?

    The perks of an international health insurance are the flexibility and the convenience of having a comprehensive worldwide coverage. You can ask for a customized plan that will cover in many different countries, so you can travel out of your new residence country without limit. You are not only cover for emergency, evacuation and repatriation, but also for regular check-ups and day-to-day medical expenses. For all these reasons, expat health insurance is the best solution for an expat and his family.

    With Foyer Global Health, you can choose between different levels of coverage at a competitive pricing, depending on your specific needs. And for all plans, the coverage is unlimited: there is no annual limit, so do not have to worry in case of serious illness or major issues.

  • Why is it important for expats to have an International Health Insurance?

    As an expat, you have specific health needs since you are going to live abroad for a long period of time. You will need to be covered for both emergency situations and daily care. An international medical insurance gives you the guarantee that you will get quality private health care regardless of which country you move to and whatever local healthcare system is in place. You will be covered in your home country as well as in your country of expatriation. Also do not forget that, in the current situation, an international health insurance with Covid-19 coverage is a must!

  • What countries are covered by an International Health Insurance?

    An international health insurance is designed to cover you both in your home country and in countries around the world. It gives you access to care in all the hospitals, clinics and doctors closest to you, regardless of your destination country. Your health coverage is therefore international. However, if you are going to a country under international sanctions, we reserve the right to carry out additional checks (on banking, etc.). To find out if your destination is on the list of countries under sanctions, contact our experts.


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